The Communist Party’s rule by fear endangers Chinese citizens—and the world

June 28, 2020
The Communist Party’s rule by fear endangers Chinese citizens—and the world

The Communist Party’s rule by fear endangers Chinese citizens—and the world 共产党依靠恐吓为主的政治统治方式危害中国公民乃全世界 An open letter to Chinese citizens and friends of China at home and abroad 给国内外中国公民和中国友人的公开信 The current global crisis has been caused by the regime so many of you have been tolerating or supporting for decades. 当前的全球危机是许多人数十年来一直容忍或支持的政权引起的。 On 2 April 2020 a group of one hundred Chinese establishment scholars wrote an open letter decrying the “many critical voices politicizing the COVID-19 pandemic”. They stated that “(at) this stage of the pandemic, the exact source and origin of COVID-19 remain undetermined, but these questions are unimportant and finger pointing is demeaning and hurtful to everyone”. They also argued against what they alleged is the politicizing of the epidemic. 2020年4月2日,一百位中国官方学者写了一封公开信。他们谴责“许多批评声音使COVID-19大流行病政治化”。 他们说:“在大流行病的这一阶段,COVID-19的确切来源仍未确定,但是这些问题并不重要,指责使所有人贬低并伤害所有人”。他们也反对所谓的流行病政治化。 The open letter exemplifies what the independent intellectual Professor Xu Zhangrun has called the “ridiculous ‘Red Culture’ and the nauseating adulation that the system heaps on itself via shameless pro-Party hacks who chirrup hosannahs at every turn”. 公开信体现了独立知识分子许章润教授所说的“(至于举国信心下跌、产权恐惧、政学愤懑、社会萎缩、文化出版萧条,惟剩狗屁红歌红剧),以及无耻文痞歌功颂德之肉麻兮兮,早成事实。” Professor Xu—now under house arrest—has called on his compatriots to stop their uncritical support for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and instead to “rage against this injustice; let your lives burn with a flame of decency; break through the stultifying darkness and welcome the dawn”. 现在被软禁的许教授号召同胞停止对中国共产党无条件的支持。他呼吁同胞们“人人向不义咆哮,个个为正义将生命怒燃,刺破夜瘴迎接黎明,齐齐用力、用心、用命,拥抱那终将降临这片大地的自由的太阳!”。 While the exact source and spread of the virus are not clear yet the question of origin is highly important, for the people of China and for all humankind: only by understanding how this global disaster could emerge we can prevent it from happening again. 尽管我们尚不清楚该病毒的确切来源和初始传播,但起源问题仍然非常重要,对于中国人民和全人类来说:只有了解这种全球性灾难是如何发生的,我们才能防止它再次发生。 The roots of the pandemic are in a cover-up by CCP authorities in Wuhan, Hubei province. Under the influence of the CCP the World Health Organisation (WHO) first downplayed the pandemic and also ignored alerts of human-to-human transmission by Taiwanese health officials in late December 2019. Under pressure […]

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