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This week, Alabama successfully passed and signed the strongest abortion ban in the country. And then everyone’s minds exploded. We were actually just talking to a student who had changed her beliefs from pro-choice to pro-life this past year and she said, “For the first time in forever, I no longer feel angry at everything and everyone.” Take note, Handmaid’s tale-wearing, paint-throwing, physical-assaulting, wild people. Take a breath. Try flexing your face muscles (see dictionary for smile).

For the pro-abortion protesters who are asking the question, “But what about rape?” and actually meaning it (not the folks who are trying to club us with it just because they worship abortion), pro-lifers are on your side. Short of actually murdering someone, rape is the absolute worst thing a human can do to another human. Every person with any sort of conscience can agree on that: pro-life and pro-choice.

Where we differ is our response to the crime that has already occurred. Do we a) try to solve violence with more violence or b) offer her love and support. We just don’t believe in punishing children for the crimes of their fathers.

So what are 9 potential responses to the big question: What About Rape?



The actual first response to this question is the human response: rape is despicable, rapists should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, and survivors deserve love and support. It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers and arguments. But our president, Kristan Hawkins’s, fact about abortion in cases of rape #1 is: rarity.

Does the rarity of the situation downplay the experiences of those who have suffered it? Absolutely not. But consider an analogy: permitting all 300,000+ abortions a year on account of the 1% of those that are related to rape would be the same logic as allowing all murders because some are justified as self-defense. Encouraging all factories to emit at will because emissions at power plants are unavoidable. Ruling based on the exception is not a winning strategy.


Using rape as a tool to advance a violent agenda is not a good look. The virtue-signaling has got to get old at some point, right? She’s completely right here. The abortion lobby does not concede abortion for any reason. They only abortion law they like is up through birth (or a little bit after) and for any reason. But if this is the last tool in their abortion arsenal, arguing that abortion must stay for the 1%, we figure they’re about 99% beat.


What sort of mind-control device does the abortion lobby possess that has convinced people that everyone has “their own science?” Kristan goes to speak at Ivy League schools and has to explain to some of the supposed smartest students in the country how babies are made. Human beings create other human beings. We are alive and our lives begin at some point. That point is when we are biologically created. It’s not rocket science.


Hmmm. A society where other people’s opinions of you determine your value as a person. Sorry, but being a human determines your value as a person. That is it. The second we start deciding who gets human rights based on some external factor, that’s some real 1984, Brave New World junk right there.


The enemy of pro-abortion logic: consistency. Killing a rapist’s child because of that monster’s crimes is not how civilized societies operate. The only person who deserves to be punished for a crime is the criminal – and it should be to the fullest extent of the law. And if the law isn’t stringent enough, the penalty should be increased.


Violence (rape) + violence (abortion) = solution? Abortion does not heal that rape survivor’s psychological damage from the assault. Abortion is not “therapy.” Oh, but what happens when rape survivors choose life and share their story? Pro-abortion people respect her decision and support her, right? OR they send her graphic videos of women being mutilated, strobing videos to intentionally provoke epileptic seizures, and waves upon waves of hate mail. Very pro-woman.


Just laws protect individuals from other people. To be intellectually honest is to assert, factually, that biological human life begins when sperm and egg unite. At a molecular level, everything about the new human is produced. Almost like a Polaroid picture. It just needs time to develop, as we do throughout our lives. To do a complete barrage of investigative experiments on a pregnant woman would invariably conclude that a separate body is dwelling within hers.


It’s a deliberate decision to pretend that there’s only one body at play here. Call us crazy, but we don’t believe the general population are uneducated buffoons. We all learned this stuff in science class. We’re talking about a separate body, BUT, abortion rhetoric has convinced people that the smaller body doesn’t have human rights. Which is lovely and not genocidal at all.


Now there’s a concept for the next big dystopian novel! Someone stamps our value on our birth certificate based on a bunch of external factors. But in all seriousness, how horrible to say to people who were conceived this way that their lives mean less than other people’s. Again: deciding who gets human rights based on “human + something else” is real messed up. Ask slaves, women in actual patriarchal societies, low-caste citizens, genocide victims. You know, other people who have been deemed less than human.


Abortion is not good for women, rape survivors or otherwise.

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Let’s all work towards solutions that actually help women in crisis, not compound their pain. Violence is not a solution to violence.

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Author: Brenna Lewis

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