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Being honest about what is really going on in the “culture war” Occasionally people ask, “How is MassResistance different and why should I support the organization?”

The answer is that MassResistance exists because of a terrible situation that’s only getting worse.

We are here to turn it around. For over twenty years, the LGBT movement has had one overriding obsession: your children. First, it was the high schools. Starting in the 1990s, they began putting in “gay clubs” in high schools across the country, followed by “Gay and Lesbian Awareness” assemblies, “Coming Out” days, and “Day of Silence” events. Later came “Safe Spaces,” “gender identity,” and more graphic introductions to anal and oral sex. Then it was the middle schools. After a few years, the “gay clubs” appeared in middle schools, followed by LGBT assemblies, “gay” library books (depicting […]

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