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Last year, the pro-life students at Liberty University noticed a problem on their campus. Despite being a big Christian school, Liberty’s policies were not kind to pregnant students. In fact, prior to the group’s involvement, pregnant students were promptly kicked out of campus housing if it was discovered that they were expecting.  

Instead of just ignoring this, the Students for Life group at Liberty (Lifeline), sprang into action. As we reported previously, the group went through all of the processes to have the unfriendly policies officially changed. Now, students who find themselves pregnant at Liberty can stay in the dorms or can even be approved to live off-campus – a special accommodation not offered otherwise.  

We love this story so much that we went back to Liberty and sat down with the students who made it happen. Check out the following video about their story. We hope it inspires you to investigate the situation at YOUR school and initiate some positive change if the policies are not pregnancy or parenting-friendly. Let our Pregnant on Campus Director, Anna Allgaier, know if you need help! 

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Author: Brenna Lewis

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