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Speaking on Tuesday to a Scottsdale, Arizona-based religious freedom advocacy organization, Vice President Mike Pence said his prayer life compels him to staunchly defend the sanctity of human life, religious liberty and freedom of speech despite personal attacks by media critics and political opponents.

“Number one is spending more time on your knees than on the Internet,” Pence said during a meeting with the Alliance Defending Freedom legal organization.

“As a Christian believer, we’re charged to pray for our loved ones, but also pray for our enemies. You have lots of opportunities in politics to do that. But I would say that forgiveness is a great gift. My wife and I literally try and work through forgiving people who might speak willfully against us or might mischaracterize who we are or what our family is all about.”

Earlier this year, media outlets and LGBTQ organizations vehemently criticized the second lady Karen Pence for teaching art part-time at a private Christian school in the Washington, D.C. area that required faculty members to sign a statement of faith adhering to Biblical teaching on heterosexual marriage and gender identity. The Pence’s children attended the same school when the vice president was a congressman from Indiana.

Pence has also been roundly criticized in the media throughout his political career for invoking “The Billy Graham Rule” to never meet alone with another woman, other than his wife.

On his Facebook post-Thursday, Franklin Graham affirmed Pence’s commitment to prayer.

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