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  • President Trump escalated his war of words Thursday with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, saying…
  • He said during the meeting on Wednesday, it was “sad” to watch “all the movement of her hands, and the craziness.”
  • “That’s a person who’s got problems,” the president said.
  • she’s “lost it” and isn’t capable of understanding a trade deal awaiting congressional approval.
  • “She’s a mess,” Mr. Trump told reporters at the White House.
  • “Let’s face it, she doesn’t understand it.” He also called her “nasty” for her comment earlier in the day that the president needs a family “intervention.”


Mr. Trump also called on several aides to attest that he was calm during a meeting with Mrs. Pelosi and other top Democrats a day earlier when he was accused of losing his temper. “You were very calm,” senior adviser Kellyanne Conway confirmed. The president, the target of renewed mocking […]



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