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Xi Jinping’s policy to eradicate poverty looks more like yet another propaganda tool, forcing local officials to play along in delivering the undeliverable

Jiang Tao Ever since it was put forward in 2015, President Xi Jinping ’s poverty alleviation policy goal of lifting 70 million impoverished households out of poverty by 2020 has been a target for contention. As the deadline is drawing close, authorities on all levels are taking any measures possible to accomplish the “mission impossible” of meeting the standards of impoverished families having sufficient food and clothing – the two “no-worries” – and provided with “three guarantees”: compulsory education, basic medical care, and safe housing. In reality, however, the conditions of impoverished households are not getting any better. Fearing to lose their jobs, some local officials across China are taking matters into their hands in making […]

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