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  • The Satanic Temple in Canada is planning to hold a “black mass” at a heavy metal bar in Ottawa this coming Saturday.
  • The Satanic Temple’s national coordinator Nicholas Marc is selling 50 tickets at $20 each for what he says is a public black mass planned at The Koven on August 17.
  • “To (the Satanic Temple’s) knowledge this will be the first organized public black mass in Canadian history,” Marc told Global News.

Marc told Global News the Satanic ritual is “an expression of personal liberty and freedom” and that the “freeing expression is found in the blasphemy.” He said there will be “the use of symbols and Latin text” at the black mass.

“Essentially, it involves using traditional symbols and inverting them to create a ritual that is meant to be the opposite of traditional [M]ass,” he said.

Encyclopedia Britannica describes a black mass as “a blasphemous and usually obscene burlesque of the true mass performed by satanic cults. The naked back of a woman often serves as an altar, and a validly consecrated host is generally used to intensify the mockery. The rite commonly incorporates other elements of satanic magic such as philtres or abortifacients.”

“The black mass is a parody of [the Catholic] Mass, in which one adores and exalts Satan,” former Vatican chief exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth wrote in An Exorcist Explains the Demonic. “During the celebration, the words and external signs of the Eucharistic liturgy are used, but always in a contrary sense, in order to manifest opposition to God.”

Marc told LifeSiteNews that while “blasphemy will be part of” the ritual he will not have a consecrated Host.

“We’re an atheist organization so as such we don’t recognize the theological value of a consecration,” he said. “We are Satanists who revere the symbolic and literary tradition of the Satanic mythology.”


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