Pro-Life Women Condemn Busy Philipps Celebrating Her Abortion: “Women Deserve Better” Than That

March 6, 2020

Pro-life women leaders are pushing back against actress Busy Philipps’ claims that women need to abort their unborn babies to succeed.

Philipps’ remarks on Wednesday outside the U.S. Supreme Court echoed a common talking point by abortion activists. Just as fellow actress Michelle Williams did at the Golden Globes in January, she credited her success as an entertainer to her abortion.

“I have all of this — all of it — because I was allowed bodily autonomy at 15. I will not be shamed into being quiet. We will not be shamed into being quiet. Never again! I will never stop talking about my abortion or my periods or my experiences in childbirth …” said Philipps, known for her roles in “Dawson’s Creek,” “He’s Just Not That Into You,” “ER,” “Cougar Town” and bit parts in various TV shows.

She spoke to abortion activists as the Supreme Court heard arguments in a Louisiana abortion case. The case will determine whether states may require abortionists to have hospital admitting privileges for patient emergencies and whether abortion businesses may sue on behalf of their patients.

Female pro-life leaders, some of whom have had abortions themselves, said Philipps is wrong. Women do not need to kill their own children to succeed.

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“Mother Theresa said it best: ‘Abortion is anti-woman. Three-quarters of its victims are women: half the babies and all the mothers,’” said Jeanne Mancini, president of the March for Life, BizPac Review reports.

Mancini said it is “profoundly saddening” to see celebrities use their fame to glorify abortion. She also emphasized that help is available to women who are suffering after aborting an unborn child.

“There is always hope and healing for anyone caught in the darkness, anger, agitation and depression of abortion,” she said.

In an interview with Fox News, Abby Johnson, a Planned Parenthood worker-turned pro-life advocate who had an abortion herself, said the abortion industry does not care about women.

“The abortion industry thrives on misinformation and fear, something that Busy Philipps had no problems instilling in her audience outside the Court,” Johnson said. “She should be angry that women are left to contend with abhorrent conditions inside abortion clinics, doctors are barely able to practice because of repeated violations, and instruments being used on them that aren’t even sterilized.”

Live Action president Lila Rose also reacted to the actress’s claims, saying, “Our freedom and happiness can never be bought with the blood of our children.”

And Students for Life of America president Kristan Hawkins told Fox News that Philipps’ story is a tragedy.

“The tragedy here is a woman feeling like she and her child were in conflict for hope and a future,” Hawkins said. “The tragedy is that she didn’t know more about her options that didn’t have to be limited to abortion. The abortion industry undermines women’s confidence and sells them short before selling them an abortion. Women deserve better.”

Polls consistently show that women are pro-life. A 2019 Gallup poll on values and beliefs found that 51% of women call themselves pro-life, compared to 46% of men. Gallup also found that 60% of women favored making all or almost all abortions illegal, compared to 61% of men.

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Author: Micaiah Bilger

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