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On Tuesday, pro-abortion politicians won the Virginia House of Delegates and somewhat won the the Virginia Senate, which is now comprised of 21 Democrats and 19 Republicans. One of the Democrats, Joe Morrissey, is pro-life, however, meaning that a radical pro-abortion agenda will still face a tough battle in the Virginia state senate.

But even though the overall results were not great for the pro-life cause, Students for Life Action, the C4 voter outreach arm of Students for Life of America, made an important impact in solidifying some pro-life seats and mobilizing hundreds of students to make phone calls, send text messages, and knock on doors to turn out pro-life voters.

In total, we made over 75,000 phone calls, knocked on over 15,000 doors, and sent over 250,000 peer-to-peer text messages. Some key victories include:

  • Helping pro-life state senator Bryce Reeves (SD-17) defeat a Planned Parenthood-backed, pro-infanticide candidate named Amy Laufer. In Reeves race, we sent over 70,000 text messages, made over 6,000 phone calls, and knocked on over 6,000 doors.
  • Ensuring pro-life state senator and Equal Rights Amendment opponent Amanda Chase (SD-11) won re-election, with the help of our 10,000 text messages and 4,500 phone calls.
  • Aiding a new pro-life state senator, Jen Kiggans (SD-7), pull off an upset victory in Virginia Beach, aided by our over 70,000 text messages, over 1000 phone calls, and nearly 2,000 doors knocked.

In total, there were at least 9 key races where Students for Life Action helped turn out pro-life voters and won.

Furthermore, students went the extra mile to help. Some of our stories include:

  • Chloe, a student at William and Mary, who took a two hour Uber ride each way to Fredericksburg one weekend so she could help us knock on doors (including for Bryce Reeves).
  • James, a homeschool student who had never volunteered before for a political campaign and then volunteered three straight weekends leading up to the election. James even asked for a walk list near his home so he could bike and walk to more houses to knock on doors. This included the district of House Delegate 88 Mark Cole, another pro-life delegate we helped re-elect.
  • Erica, a student at Towson University, who, with her friend, sent over 50,000 text messages to pro-life voters across the state!
  • Numerous pro-life students from St. John’s University in New York who gave up two separate weekends to help contact voters on the ground, including taking a bus one weekend just so they could help.
  • Wyoming Catholic College students who made tens of thousands of text messages and thousands of phone calls, 2,000 miles from Virginia.

You can read our full statement and more great stories here.

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Author: Matt Lamb

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