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Pro-abortion pastor Joshua Cole, who is also running for a House of Delegate seat in Virginia, tried to “own” Students for Life Action on Twitter this weekend.

Students for Life Action scorecards were put on churches in Virginia this weekend, including at Cole’s church, Union Bell Baptist Church. Cole, who supports legalized infanticide, took to Twitter to criticize Students for Life Action, claiming that the scorecards were put in the wrong district (apparently not understanding that people go to church outside of the districts they live and vote in sometimes).

Here is Cole’s tweet:

To which we responded:

Then Allie Stuckey, a pro-life, conservative commentator jumped in, adding:

Cole is sadly one of many pro-abortion ‘pastors’ who believe that killing preborn babies somehow helps women. Or he lacks the courage to stand for the truth of the sanctity of human life.

Michele Hendrickson, the Eastern Regional Director for Students for Life of America, explains exactly why churches must play an active role in abolishing abortion:

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Author: Matt Lamb

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