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The United Wa State Army (UWSA) in control of the Wa Special Region in Myanmar (Burma), bordering China’s Yunnan province, has allowed at least 50 churches to reopen.

Local church leaders issued a plea for prayer when the China-backed, communist influenced separatist group closed more than 100 churches in northern Shan State in 2018, demolishing some and banning the construction of new church buildings. At least 200 Christian leaders and workers were “investigated” and detained. All have since been released. Ethnic Wa people (pictured) were first led to the Lord by American missionaries in the early twentieth century. Wa Christians are now being targeted by separatist authorities for alleged links to Western missionaries The UWSA order to close the churches included a Chinese term jidujiao whichrefers to Protestant and evangelical Christians, indicating the clampdown was aimed at specific […]

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