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“To imagine a week ago to get a phone call like this — if someone told me this story, I wouldn’t believe it,” she said. “It’s inconceivable to me.” While the COVID-19 virus continues to claim many victims across the United States, one churchgoing New Jersey family has been left in tatters after losing four loved ones in the space of a week. News that puts God FIRST: Sign up for our YouTube channel FREE . On Wednesday night, 73-year-old Grace Fusco died from the illness just hours after her son, Carmine, succumbed to the same fate. Five days prior, Fusco’s daughter Rita Fusco-Jackson had perished after contracting the disease. Then, on Thursday, yet more devastation — another of Grace’s children, Vincent Fusco, fell victim to the virus. According to the family’s lawyer, three more children have been hospitalized […]

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