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  • “We recognize that terminating a pregnancy is never an easy decision, but we hold out the compassion of Christ to all women faced with this decision,” the pastors wrote.
  • They argued that, prior to 12 weeks, the unborn child is not developed enough to deserve protection under the law.
  • “Science tells us that at six weeks the embryo is so tiny it can fit within our small finger nail; at eight weeks it weighs 1/30th of an ounce,” they wrote. “At 12 weeks, now called a foetus, it is four inches long and weighs one ounce. It has all its organs, but none are functioning.”
  • They continued: “Aborting an embryo up to 12 weeks is not murdering a baby. There are pictures being circulated to promote this idea that an embryo of 12 weeks or less is an almost fully grown foetus (at 23 or more weeks when it is viable). This is, unfortunately, highly deceptive. In today’s jargon they are fake news!”

A group of Jamaican pastors and Christian leaders urged their country’s political leaders to legalize abortions this week, claiming they want to “hold out the compassion of Christ” to pregnant women in need. The 19 “committed Christians” made their case for abortion in an open letter published in the Jamaica Observer Tuesday. They supported a parliamentary committee recommendation to legalize abortions up to 12 weeks. Abortions currently are illegal in Jamaica except in a few rare circumstances.



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