New York City Bans People From Saying ‘Illegal Alien’ Fines Up to $250,000

On September 30, 2019

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New York City Bans Saying ‘Illegal Alien’ in a ‘Hateful’ Way

There’s a lot of awful and disturbing things people can and do say on the streets of New York City every single day — and nobody bats an eyelash. But now, there’s a tough, new, eyebrow-raising law on the books. And it makes calling someone an “illegal alien” in a “hateful” way — well, illegal. Insist on saying it anyway because you believe in free speech? You could be charged a fine as high as $250,000. The city, run by Mayor Bill de Blasio, who recently dropped out of the 2020 Democrat presidential primary race , passed a new law this week that says you may not “threaten someone” with a call to immigration authorities, even if they are here unlawfully — or refer to them as an “illegal alien” if the use of that term is motivated by […]

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