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On Sunday, NBC News political director Chuck Todd dedicated the final Meet the Press of 2019 to insisting President Trump had brought about a “post-truth society.”

The same network that pushed the totally-bunk Steele dossier for years and tried to sink Justice Brett Kavanagh’s nomination with the ridiculous allegations from Julie Swetnick, wanted to lecture the public about falling for and spreading lies and misinformation.

In the process, Todd lashed out at Christians for believing in “fairy tales.” “ This Sunday, alternative facts. The assault on truth (…)

This morning, Meet the Press takes an in-depth look at our post-truth society and how a changing media landscape has created chaos out of order,” Todd indignantly announced during the opening tease. Todd began the show by lauding Buzzfeed News for discovering a “fake news farm” in the Macedonian town […]

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