National Day of Mourning Will Remember the 20 Million Black Babies Killed in Abortion

July 18, 2019
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Leading the pro-life African-Americans are planning a “National Day of Mourning” for late August to remember the 20 million black unborn babies who have been killed in abortion.

The event is also a reminder that Planned Parenthood targets African-Americans by placing its abortion centers in historically black neighborhoods to prey on black women.

Catherine Davis is the founder of the event and spearheading two local rallies that will take place in Richmond Virginia on August 30th and Birmingham Alabama on August 31st. Local National Day of Mourning events will also also take place in Raleigh and Charlotte North Carolina as well as Atlanta Georgia. Participants will wear white to mourn the deaths of babies in abortion and men will wear black.

“The Day of Mourning event is not a political rally,” organizers tell LifeNews. “It is a solemn event to usher in God’s help in awakening the Church…and our nation. The event promotes positive solutions to crisis pregnancies, namely adoption.”

Virginia was chosen as an event site in part because of Planned Parenthood’s intent to target black women.

“Virginia has a long history of skin color politics including allowing Planned Parenthood to justify construction of their surgical centers using Black infant and maternal mortality rates in their statement of need (2012) Planned Parenthood is spending $5 million dollars to construct a 10,000 sq. ft. surgical facility in Churchill, a majority Black neighborhood “an expansion the nonprofit believes will double the number of people” it will reach. The facility will have 12 examination rooms,” organizers said.

“Planned Parenthood performed 37% of the state’s abortions in 2017. 39% of the abortions in the state were performed on black women,” they added. That’s despite the fact that blacks constitute just 19% of Virginia’s population.

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Here’s more:

Planned Parenthood has long targeted Black babies and women under their plan of extermination called The Negro Project. They have used abortion to advance the eugenic cause and their efforts have resulted in the deaths of more than 20,000,000 Black lives. Civil Rights for the Unborn, the Douglass Leadership Institute and The Restoration Project are hosting a National Day of Mourning August 31, 2019 At Guiding Light Church in Birmingham, Alabama.

Currently, Planned Parenthood has constructed or is constructing three mega (10,000 square feet or larger) abortion centers in Black neighborhoods: one in the Churchill community of Richmond, VA, one in the Cherry neighborhood (the oldest Black neighborhood) in Charlotte, NC and the third in Birmingham, AL just blocks from the historic 16th Street Baptist Church.

In protest of this new construction and to expose their agenda of extermination, a processional will begin August 30, 2019 from the Mt. Olivet Church in Churchill, VA. Stops will be made in Raleigh, NC and Charlotte, NC. to add participants who will proceed to Atlanta, GA and spend the night. On August 31, 2019 the processional will continue on to Birmingham where a rally and prayer meeting will conclude the National Day of Mourning.

The Day of Mourning will begin with a processional in Richmond, VA on August 30 and will end on August 31, 2019 in Birmingham, AL with stops in Raleigh and Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA. Attire: Ladies please wear white on August 31, 2019 to mourn the loss of 20,000,000 innocent lives. Gentleman please wear black to mourn the loss of innocent lives and the lives of some of their moms. The Day of Mourning will end with a prayer rally.

Their first event in Albany, NY was sold out with over 4000 people attending.

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Author: Steven Ertelt

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