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Pop sweetheart Miley Cyrus’ new video for her song “Mother’s Daughter” is intended to be a new age anthem of female expression and freedom.

Is it any wonder that it comes off as completely unnerving and a little hellish? Ms. Cyrus’ ode to feminism and inclusivity is a bad acid trip of strange sexuality, including blood red latex, teeth-lined female codpieces, wheelchair-bound trans women, aggressive gyrating, and quotes such as “Virginity is a social construct.”

The music video premiered July 2, and features an angry and abortion-obsessed Cyrus, wearing red latex and grinding on the floor with her tongue out (no surprise there). What is surprising is that Cyrus thinks that all the BDSM imagery and body mods which follow are convincing anyone that she’s in control and that this is what women want, as her lyrics insist. […]

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