‘Menstrual equality’: The Lunacy of the Pro-LGBT college students demand tampons for men’s bathrooms

July 6, 2019
Men using tampons

The year of our Lord 2019 has thus far been one in which Democratic presidential candidates promise abortions for transgender people without uteruses, socialism is back in vogue, and a full faction of the Democratic Party is peeling away from the American body politic and racing full-tilt leftward, where Drag Queen Storytime, free stuff, and gender confusion are all the rage.

But things can always get more insidiously ridiculous. Ridiculous, because no sane person at any other stage in Western civilization would have accepted this nonsense. Insidious, because the LGBT movement wants you jailed if you actually laugh. It is 2019 now, and even most so-called conservative political parties across the Western world are letting a handful of eunuchs and cross-dressers call the shots.

To give you yet another example of the absurdities that will continue to be forced on us so long as we collectively play along, woke activists at several American universities are demanding that menstrual products be placed in the men’s bathroom as well as the female bathroom, because they not only believe men can menstruate, but they will not be happy until the rest of us join them in their fantasy. And of course, as institutions of higher learning tasked with preparing the next generation to face the real world, some universities have already buckled.

University students, of course, can be consistently counted on to embrace brand-new stupidities with a fervor that would be genuinely amusing if it was not for the fact that these snowflake fascists may soon be in Congress. At Cornell University a few years ago, 78.6 percent of the 3,034 students who voted demanded that the university provide “all bathrooms on campus of both genders—yes, men’s too—with free menstrual products throughout the year.” The university administration, rather than taking the time to explain that the students were perhaps taking the “men” in menstruation a bit too literally, obediently agreed to give it a shot.

Syracuse University is in a similar boat, with the student government approving funding to get tampons and the like into men’s bathrooms, with volunteers restocking the supply each week. As a nod to fiscal responsibility, one hopes that they just stocked the men’s bathroom once and declined to replace the unused products four times a month. After all, it is the virtue-signalling that counts here, and surely mentioning casually during your queer studies seminar that you recently stocked the men’s bathroom with tampons gets you a lot of points in one shot.

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