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Dressing up your dog is pretty gay to begin with. But a group of LGBT activists in Phoenix are dressing up their dogs in drag for some odd reason.

Perverted human beings gathered their pets together to dress them up as the wrong gender, in sensual doggy outfits. As the Downtown Devil reports, “At arguably one of the most adorable drag shows each year, pooches strut down the runway in fierce outfits and accessorized to the max. The Doggy Drag Show, held at the Dressing Room restaurant on Roosevelt Street Tuesday, showcased the most stylish pups in the game with a portion of the proceeds going to the Arizona Humane Society.” Judges Rosie Bush, left, and Marshall Shore, right, survey the contestants before the show starts at the Dressing Room in Phoenix, Ariz. on Sept. 10, 2019. Shore invited […]

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