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Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. said Wednesday in a radio interview that civil disobedience may be in order if Virginia’s Democrat-controlled legislature passes a series of gun-restricting measures.

“I’m pretty sure I’m going to call for civil disobedience if the Democrats go through with this,” Falwell told the host on the Todd Starnes Radio Show.

A showdown over gun rights has been brewing since Democrats took control of the General Assembly in November for the first time in two decades. Gov. Ralph Northam—a Democrat who made headlines last year for saying he supported no restrictions on abortion—is reintroducing eight separate bills to restrict gun rights. Since Republicans have no way to stop the measures from passing out of the statehouse, gun rights advocates are urging citizens to exert pressure on Democrats. The NRA, for instance, has held numerous town hall meetings and thousands of people are expected to rally at the statehouse in Richmond.

The package of proposals include banning semi-automatic rifles or pistols with 10-plus magazine rounds, mandatory background checks on all firearms


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