Her parents refused to have an abortion; now, she marches for life

February 21, 2019

The individuals and stories shared each year at the March for Life make it a special event. These stories of faith and hope are a powerful way to share the pro-life message with the world. Sarah Gorman’ extraordinary story is no exception.

A video of Sarah at the March for Life explaining why she marches has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, and has been featured on The March for Life’s Instagram page, Live Action’s social media, and numerous of other platforms.

Sarah is a dual enrollment student at Franciscan University of Steubenville, and she shared her moving life story exclusively with Live Action News in a recent one on one interview, after the video of her speaking to #WhyWeMarch garnered so much attention.

Gorman, who has been attending the March for Life from her earliest of years in her mother’s womb, said, “This year I decided to go with my sister and students at Franciscan due to how Catholic and devoted to the Pro-Life mission they are.” Sarah’s journey, as hinted at within the video recorded by Franciscan University, touches on a very personal set of circumstances of why choosing life is important to her — one that was literally a life and death decision.

Before Sarah was born, doctors shared with her parents in the hospital that their daughter would be born with a mental disability. According to the touching stories and accounts of Sarah’s parents, the doctors stated that their daughter would not be “high-functioning” and continually reiterated that it would not be easy caring for their daughter. The doctor frequently urged the couple to abort, but Sarah’s parents pushed back against this idea. The doctor argued that Sarah’s mental development disability would be difficult enough on its own, but would be far too challenging to deal with while taking care of their other children. Sarah’s parents, Bridget and William Gorman, had four children, but knew that if their daughter were to be born with a disability, it would be exactly God’s plan.

The parents would later run into the doctor after Sarah’s birth, which would further reaffirm their great appreciation for choosing life despite what some medical professionals say. Sarah was born without any disabilities, and remains eternally grateful and inspired by her parents’ decision to choose life.

Sarah has served as a volunteer for the youth mass at the March for Life, which is now held at the Verizon Center. She began the journey this year to the March for Life at The Tomb of The Unborn Child at Franciscan University. Her sister, Margaret, emotionally shared that her inspiration for the March for Life trip came in no small part from their parents who chose life for Sarah, who is a remarkable gift and and has touched countless lives.

In an interview, Sarah’s sister Margaret shared more personal accounts of what her sister is like, and how Sarah developed her convictions and passions. “Sarah has always been the light around everyone’s world,” Margaret said. “Her crazy and excited attitude will spread throughout an entire room. I think this has a lot to do with her knowing she might not have this life if it weren’t for our parents, so she makes the most of it. Sarah is extremely pro-life in the way she can communicate with people on this important topic, tell them her story, and ultimately helps bring people to the realization that abortion is murder.”

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Margaret added, “Unfortunately, not everyone knows Sarah, or ever will, but for myself, I would have to say that Sarah is my best friend. She brings joy to my life that is unexplainable. Her smile and laugh are contagious,. I can’t help but cry knowing the millions of best friends like Sarah we have killed through abortion.”

Adam Nettina, a member of Franciscan University’s Marketing and Communications Department (tasked with helping to capture the highlights of Franciscan University’s March for Life trip) shared with Live Action News that the pro-life culture is strong on campus. “I may be a bit biased, but I’ve also been around universities for the last 12 years, and I can say this is, unquestionably, the most pro-life campus in America,” he said. “Students for Life took approximately 500 students to the 2019 March for Life, with an additional 200-300 Franciscan students, staff, and faculty traveling independently.”

When asked about Sarah, Adam Nettina said, “I was filming Instagram testimonials with two of my student assistants when we came across her story. I think the video says it all: There are an unabashed joy and spark in her — the kind of joy that knows God has a unique plan for her life, and that he’s had that plan for her from her earliest days in her mother’s womb. When she speaks, people listen — and there’s no more authentic way to change hearts than to share that story and that joy.”

“Sarah is, like many of our students, embracing the call to defend life on the frontlines,” Nettina continued. “This semester she’s working with our abortion clinic outreach ministry and training to be a sidewalk counselor. It’s no exaggeration to say her compassion and authenticity will save lives.”

Bio: Zachary Petrizzo is a sophomore at George Mason University. His previous work has appeared in The Daily Caller, Townhall, Campus Reform, and The College Fix, among others.

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