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Forty-eight hours after President Trump announced that the United States would not get in the way or stop the Turkish invasion of our Kurdish Allies on the border towns in Syria.

Franklin Graham, who is no doubt a strong supporter of President Trump, in a post on Facebook ask for prayers for the Kurds, and all in the area. The popular Evangelical leader also attached an article from the Washington Post.

Here’s the White House statement from last night announcing the new policy on Turkey-Syria-Kurds. Literally nothing about bringing home troops. I would’ve thought if that were the rationale for the policy, it would be a big theme of the statement. Basically, the policy is saying go ahead and slaughter whoever you want the United States of America won’t stop you.


New Trump Policy on Turkey and Kurds


Join me in praying TODAY as the Turkish army has invaded Syria in the area that the U.S. military withdrew from. They…

Posted by Franklin Graham on Wednesday, October 9, 2019

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