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Leaders in Georgetown, Delaware, have decided to prohibit unattended public displays — including Nativity scenes — over concerns erecting annual manger crèches could be dangerous. According to a report from WBOC-TV, the town, which boasts less than 8,000 citizens, reviews its codes and policies on an annual basis, and this year, authorities decided “unattended structures” like Nativity scenes will no longer be allowed in the town square. The historic crèche is usually sponsored by the Georgetown Wesleyan Church and other local organizations. “If the wind kicks up and there’s not anyone there and stuff blows out to the traffic lane,” said town manager Gene Dvornick, claiming Nativity scenes pose a public safety issue. Not everyone is pleased with the decision, though. Charlie Koskey, the owner of Chardon LTD Jewelers, told WBOC-TV he believes the traditional Nativity […]

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