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Today, hundreds, if not thousands, of pro-lifers gathered in Philadelphia to rally against the hateful rhetoric of pro-abortion politician Brian Sims, a Pennysylvania state legislator who has repeatedly harassed peaceful pro-lifers. Groups including Students for Life and local Philadelphia pro-life groups gathered to stand up in support of peace and love and against the hateful extremism of people like Brian Sims.


Speakers included Tina Whittington of Students for Life of America, Lila Rose from LiveAction, Daily Wire writer and commentator Matt Walsh, and Abby Johnson, founder of And Then There Were None.

Prior to the rally, the Archbishop of Philadelphia, Archbishop Charles Chaput criticized Sims. In a statement, Chaput wrote, ”

These videos, which Representative Sims took himself, have rightly sparked broad outrage and garnered much attention in the press. His actions were unbecoming of an elected official. There is much bitter irony that he claims to be a champion for the rights of all women yet he trampled on the rights of others and disgracefully shamed them in public. It was particularly disdainful that he offered a bounty for the identity and home addresses of three young ladies in order to encourage protests at their homes.

Our country is one founded on democratic principles and civil discourse in the public square. Our elected officials represent all of their constituents—not just the ones with whom they agree. Representative Sims spoke often of shame and there was plenty of that to be found in his actions, which demonstrated a complete disregard for civility and basic human decency.

I’m calling on all people of good will to channel their indignation into right action and prayerful witness.”

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Author: Matt Lamb

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