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It seems like there is a lot of hypocrisy from Alabama, that they’re saying to women: “We’re going to take away your abortion rights, but we’re not going to help you take care of your children.” If they believe life begins at a heartbeat, at that point, at a heartbeat, should life insurance be available? Should affordable health care be available for that mother? These things are missing in Alabama.


On Sunday morning, CNN again gave attention to liberal pro-abortion activists being criticized over strategy by other liberal activists instead of the overall goal as New Day Sunday host Christi Paul spoke with film production designer Molly Coffee about her concerns over Hollywood boycotting Georgia because of its new heartbeat law that protects unborn babies. And, the day before on New Day Saturday , Paul took the time to challenge a pro-life activist by suggesting the cost of raising a child may be a valid reason for having an abortion, and suggesting “hypocrisy” on the pro-life side, whereas Planned Parenthood president Leana Wen was allowed to mostly have a monologue to spout her pro-abortion views.




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