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Testifying before a California legislative committee last month, first-grade teacher Raechel Olson told legislators she would “take a bullet for any child,” but she would not harm children by following the state’s proposed gender identity training.

Raechel Olson delivered this message to the Senate Education Committee last month in opposition to AB 493, a teacher training bill requiring teachers and schools to refer LGBT identifying students to supportive LGBTQ activist organizations, provide them with LGBTQ peer groups, and create school-wide programs urging the student body to support the LGBTQ identities of students. Olson’s views received a chilly reception. In her July 10 testimony, Olson recounted the gender training she recently received from Queerly Elementary, her Moraga School District ‘s contracted LGBT trainer. “I was told to use preferred pronouns to address students, to stop referring to students […]




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