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We’ve told you before about physically and verbally abusive Alec Baldwin coming to Virginia, specifically the Fredericksburg area, to campaign for pro-infanticide candidates. Now, after the election results are in, we can provide you with an update: his candidates didn’t do so great on election night.

Baldwin came to support four candidates in Fredericksburg: Qasim Rashid, Amy Laufer, Joshua Cole, and Jess Foster. How did they do? Did campaigning with an abusive man help them? Not so much.

  • Qasim Rashid lost by 15 points to state senator Richard Stuart
  • Amy Laufer lost by 4 points to state senator Bryce Reeves
  • Jess Foster lost by 11 points to delegate Mark Cole
  • The only ‘victory’ in the area was pro-infanticide Joshua Cole who squeaked out a victory over pro-life Paul Milde, possibly aided by misprinted and wrongly assigned ballots.

Maybe voters don’t like violently pro-abortion actors coming from Hollywood to campaign in their elections. Maybe voters just have a conscience.

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Author: Matt Lamb

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