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Pro-abortionists are using tropical fruits to “demystify and destigmatize” abortions

Vice writer Marie Solis bragged that she “learned how to do an abortion on a papaya” according to an article published on July 24.

Two weeks ago, they were using watermelons. Maybe next week they’ll cut into a mango and make punch. Zoey Thill, a New York City-based abortion provider, gave her abortion demonstration to a dozen people in Verso Books’ Brooklyn office. Thill used a large fist-sized papaya to represent a 10-week-old preborn baby. She displayed the surgical instruments used for an abortion, one of which was a tenaculum — medical forceps with sharp-pointed hooks that are inserted to clasp the patient’s cervix. Once Thill finished explaining the anatomy of the uterus, she proceeded to perform the “abortion:” When the papaya was fully “dilated,” she placed a […]

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